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LDS has been part of several Rebuild / Refurbishment Projects over the years. Below are some pictures to highlight a few.

ETR 105

The Essex Terminal Railway awarded LDS the privilege to remove and replace the prime mover in the ETR 105. The prime mover was the original project which turned into a full overhaul and paint job.

567 B Block Removal

Prepared for paint / All new components installed 

645 C Block Installed

The final product / Photo by ETR carman

ETL 104

Another fantastic project to be a partner with Essex Terminal Railway on! The ETL 104 was not as invasive as the 105 but included a cab upgrade / Full engine rebuild with 645 power assemblies and all new accessories / New truck assemblies with new D77 Traction motors and "Fat 40" wheel sets / New Paint scheme.


Crews 1569

Canadian Rail and Equipment Works is another great company that LDS has partnered with on a few projects over the years. None as large as the 1569. With a full makeover that included 32,000 Lbs of added steel for tractive effort. This job required the team at LDS to uncover the bones of this old SW1500 and re-sheet everything. A Full new CREWS paint scheme along with Full engine overhaul / All new traction motors and wheel sets. This is the prime example of what we can accomplish here at LDS. The whole crew at LDS enjoyed being a part of this build!

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