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About Us

Since 1910 the Thompson family has been deeply rooted in the locomotive business, now with 4 generations sharing the same passion for the enormous machines. Lambton Diesel Specialist came to fruition by the third generation of Thompson's. Kevin Thompson started the company after years spent as foreman of the CN Rail maintenance team. With job cut backs in the early 90's, Kevin found himself without a position at CN and now looking for somewhere to take his 20 years of experience. 

1993 was the Year Lambton Diesel started, with nothing more than a box truck loaded with tools, Kevin and his then partner hit the road. Now, LDS closing in on 30 years of business has built long lasting relationships with some of the biggest companies in North America, Kevin has now been joined by his son Jeffrey to continue the Thompson tradition of maintaining and restoring these marvelous machines they call Locomotives. 

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